Conservative Principles Rural Values


If there is one thing I learned in the military, it’s the importance of serving our country.

Far too many politicians would rather serve their own interests and those of the Washington insiders.

That’s not me.

I’m running for Congress to serve the good people of Arizona’s First Congressional District, it’s communities, and our country once again.

As your next Congressman, I’ll make economic growth and prosperity for our district a top priority. I’ll take on the bureaucrats in Washington who want to restrict our ability to use our land. I’ll stand firm and fight to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration. Most importantly, I’ll always fight for you and your family and the conservative principles we share.

I believe we are at a crossroads. Do we continue to fight for policies that keep our country strong and prosperous? Or do we go down a road towards even bigger government, higher taxes, and economic ruin that the socialist policies of the left will lead to.

I strongly support the policies and ideas that have made our country the greatest country in the world, and I’m committed to fighting for them. It’s why I volunteered and fought for our country and it’s why I’ve made the decision to run for Congress.

Between now and Election Day, I will work tirelessly to meet as many residents of our district as possible and share with you my conservative platform to strengthen our communities, our congressional district, and our country.

Thank You,

Doyel Shamley